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Xi 'an to build international consumption center city eight field energy

Date: 2019-08-17

Popular domestic drama "changan" from Chen just for finale, shows the datangshengshi changan.

Back to reality, however, is a bit weak in the first half of the xi 'an consumption, how to change this situation?

Recently, the "xi 'an international consumer center city create implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "scheme") issued by the, focus on eight areas consumer market development is put forward.

In the past year, including xi 'an, a new line of cities are struggling to find new consumption growth, put forward series of stimulating consumption.Chengdu, chongqing, wuhan, changsha, etc are put forward the construction of international consumer center city.

From the first half of the year, total retail sales of social consumer goods in xian growth year-on-year growth of 5.9%, lower than the Midwest, chengdu, chongqing, wuhan and changsha are below the national average.

The proposed scheme, strive to be 5 to 7 years, will become a historical and cultural construction of xi 'an city and the modern fashion photograph reflect international consumption.By 2025, xian to the comprehensive construction become a trendy consumption center in western China, a famous national, open global international fashion capital, international food city, the silk road city of electronic commerce, "area" of international conference and exhibition, and reveals the capital of the world tourism culture of Chinese civilization.

Xi 'an why weak consumption growth

Local governments pay more and more attention to consumer's driving force of the economy, as the first half of the city's economic data released, total retail sales of social consumer goods across the data as a glimpse into an important index of power consumption, and consumption data of xi 'an during the first half of the year in the same city competition advantage.

In the first half of 2019, xi 'an total retail sales of social consumer goods 231.044 billion yuan, up 5.9% from a year earlier.During the same period last year, realize social total retail sales of consumer goods in xian 218.11 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6%, in 2018, the year in xi 'an club zero consumption growth of 9.6%.Xi 'an consumer market this year, by contrast, growth status.

21st century business herald reporters combing data found in recent years, the xi 'an urban consumption amount or rate, have lagged behind the west of chengdu and chongqing.Among them, the chengdu club zero for the first half of the total is 366.03 billion yuan, the growth of 10%.

From the point of recent urban consumption data sorting, chengdu-chongqing expressway is two big consumption center in the west of the city.And the total consumption of xi 'an is not far from fuzhou, Qingdao, zhengzhou, changsha and also under the epl on growth in xi 'an.

From the point of consumption category data, more than in the first half of the xi 'an nationwitha shrinking consumption category, clothing, shoes and hats, the needle textile category consumption fell 11.6%;Sports entertainment products consumption fell 4.8%.In total in the total consumption of high car consumption, xi 'an in the first half of the growth of 0.2%, lower than the 1.2% growth in the country.

Xian city business bureau in 2018, a report mentioned in the consumption data, based on statistical yearbook data, the city residents' per capita consumption expenditure in the proportion of disposable income reduced year by year.Mainly because the housing slowdown in demand rigidity consumption expectation.1 - in November 2018, xi 'an new commodity housing sales price index for the cumulative ratio 113.9, house prices high growth influence consumer demand.

Bureau of statistics will adverse factors in the consumer market of shaanxi province into three, one is the auto consumption market saturation, the second is the correction of oil products and commodities markets, three is the lack of new consumption hotspot.

Shaanxi bureau of statistics, according to the analysis of tourism impetus in the consumer market.Since 2017, "in xi 'an, the most China" series of activities in full swing, "trill" promote xi 'an become a web celebrity city, other cities have also carried out various activities, attracting a large number of tourists from home and abroad to clock in, lead to the rapid growth of the consumer market in the province.Since this year, this explosive growth trend anemic, contribution to consumer market growth.

In addition, along with the economic development into the new normal, residents' income growth has slowed, consumer spending and demand for goods leveled off, consumer markets are bound to the moderate growth trend.

A number of young people working in xi 'an, said prices played an adverse effect on their consumption, relative prices, income growth is limited.